Remember World War cyber Hazards

Liputan6.com, Jakarta: National Education Minister Muhammad Nuh warned the threat of cyber war in the future. "I only ask one thing, please learn very well the threat of cyber war or cyberwar," he said in Jakarta on Saturday (21 / 8).

He cited, Estonia who had the entire computer network to die so that all transactions and governance system was paralyzed for three days. 'Estonia as if isolated from the world arena as there is no transaction information inside. Banks collapse, collapse of communication,' he said.

Education Minister added, let alone weapons system weapons system as the main tool is already quite open and all are controlled by computer. "The system is open and that we have the privilege komputerize into the cyber war," said Muhammad Nuh.

Related to that, Muhammad Nuh asked cyberspace threat of war could be studied and anticipated by the Indonesian Defense University and its alumni.

Indonesian Defense University which was inaugurated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on March 11, 2009, is the only university specifically to study and prepare a defense strategy of defense thinkers. UPI opened only two courses of study that is the Universe and the War Strategy Defense Management. (ANT / FRI)