Anas: Give Special Attention To The Safety of Journalists

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Chairman of the DPP Party Demkrat, Anas Urbaningrum warn security forces and press companies or institutions to pay particular attention to the safety of journalists.

He has been speaking to AFP, in Jakarta on Monday, as she urged police to investigate promptly and thoroughly investigate cases of violence that caused the killing of a journalist named Ridwan Peace.

"Whoever the perpetrators are and whatever his motives must be processed and dealt with legal justice," he asserted.

For him, the case experienced violence Ridwan Peace is not unusual.

"But violence involving working journalists and journalism profession. Therefore, this case could be a threat to press freedom," he said.

He and the Democratic Party (PD) warned, so do not be no more violence cases to the journalists.

"And once again I expect the company's security apparatus and the press need to give particular attention to the safety of journalists," said Anas Urbaningrum.